Reliable performance & long battery life!

The electric forklift is taking the storage facilities of the world by storm with their ease of turn inside narrow aisles. Loads of up to 2.5 tonnes can be hoisted high in the racks.

Northern Forklifts supplies articulated & quality Forklift Aisle Master in New Zealand.

Electric Forklift


Aisle-Master offers a range of high performing forklift trucks, which is of real interest to industries like food manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Aisle-Master Forklifts trucks work with the best battery component suppliers in the business to ensure reliable performance and long battery life on 24/7 shift duty.

Our Electric Forklifts are eyeball attractive designed streamlined outline, small dimensions & metal material applied for exposed parts, all provide roburst construction.

Thanks to the new designed ergonomically operator’s cab, the opertor can work in relax, low fatigue, and even during long shifts.

Sinking type desined battery layout provides battery stability especially during turning.

New designed broad view mast provides better forward ability. Big LED dashboar is easy to see & provides friendly human-computer interaction and with running hours, self diagnosis function and the battery power shown. Low noise, energy saving & no exhuast emission, all meet the environment friendly requirements.