Hangcha A Series new 4-wheel electrics

Model Code A Series
Capacity Up to 3.5 tonnes lift
Reference  Electric 4-wheelers
Mast height 2 to 6m; 2 & 3 stage
Motor Battery-electric

Battery and engine are placed low within the chassis on these steel A Series Hangcha electric lifts to improve stability.

The A Series machines run quietly and use energy efficiently. A MOSFET advanced controller manages travel, lift and tilt.

They steer well and brushless AC motors store power on braking, when changing direction and going downhill. The machines are well spec’d for safety with clear visibility front and back, controller-aided skid resistance and a beeper for reverse.

Soft landing lift cylinder: Fork speed reduces just before touching the ground to avoid impact noise.

Capacity is from one to 3.5 tonnes. Choose between a Curtis or a Kollmorgen high-frequency controller and a two or three stage mast on your new A Series Hangcha model.

These Hangcha four wheelers have excellent
battery technology