Hangcha R Series forklifts

Model Code R Series
Capacity 1.0 – 16.0 tonnes lift
Reference  IC forklifts
Mast height 3 to 7m; 2 & 3 stage
Motor Petrol /Diesel /Petrol-LPG

All machines up to 7-tonnes come with a 2- or 3-stage mast. Masts range from 2-stage three metres to 3-stage seven metres. ‘Wideview’ is an option.

The 16 tonner, with its 600 load centre, needs to be seen in action. It is a great machine and well priced. We can show you them at work in Auckland.

You have a big choice of motors. Options are GM, Isuzu, Japanese-made GTC and Cummins with matched transmissions from GTC, Okamura, Hangcha and ZF, depending on the forklift model.

Safety features include mast and hood lock. Service is assisted by gas hood supports, one-touch floorboard removal and easy fuse and instrument access.

Emissions and noise level control meet EU standards and models can be fitted with particulate filter exhausts (diesel ) or 3-way catalytic exhausts (petrol/LPG models).

From 1.0 tonne workhorses to 25.0 capacity
Hangcha has lots to offer any user

Hangcha J Series new 3-wheel electrics

Model Code J Series
Capacity up to 2 tonnes lift
Reference  Electric 3-wheelers
Mast height 3 to 6m; 2 & 3 stage
Motor Battery-electric

Manouverable and excellent in confined spaces, these productive machines use clean battery technology and retain a steel body and reliable engineering. With multiple batteries, you can set them working round the clock.

The incorporation of ZF developed components, including finely-engineered helical gears, keeps drive-train noise down. All trucks have Curtis AC controllers and brushless motors.

Operators step aboard easily and pedals are well-placed in a roomy footwell. The instrument panel is simple and comprehensive. The standard seat, a Grammer GS12, helps prevent fatigue. (Hydraulic levers can be mounted on the scuttle or the battery, allowing access from either side.)

Inbuilt diagnostics register intermittent faults and service needs and reduce downtime.

Three-wheeled electric machines are available
from 1.0 to 2.0 tonne lift capacity

Hangcha A Series new 4-wheel electrics

Model Code A Series
Capacity Up to 3.5 tonnes lift
Reference  Electric 4-wheelers
Mast height 2 to 6m; 2 & 3 stage
Motor Battery-electric

Battery and engine are placed low within the chassis on these steel A Series Hangcha electric lifts to improve stability.

The A Series machines run quietly and use energy efficiently. A MOSFET advanced controller manages travel, lift and tilt.

They steer well and brushless AC motors store power on braking, when changing direction and going downhill. The machines are well spec’d for safety with clear visibility front and back, controller-aided skid resistance and a beeper for reverse.

Soft landing lift cylinder: Fork speed reduces just before touching the ground to avoid impact noise.

Capacity is from one to 3.5 tonnes. Choose between a Curtis or a Kollmorgen high-frequency controller and a two or three stage mast on your new A Series Hangcha model.

These Hangcha four wheelers have excellent
battery technology

Hangcha H Series reach trucks

Model Code H Series
Capacity 1.2 to 2.0 tonnes lift
Reference  Electric reach trucks
Mast height 3 to 6m; 2 & 3 stage
Motor Battery-electric

Standard features include a high capacity battery, sideshift, emergency disconnect and a Curtis AC controller.

Options include a three-stage mast which can reach to eight metres.

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A low noise machine for use in confined spaces

Hangcha CDD Series walkie stackers

Model Code CDD Series
Capacity 1.2 to 1.6 tonnes lift
Reference  Walkie stackers
Mast height 2 to 4m; 2 & 3 stage
Motor Battery-electric

The Hangcha walkie stacker range has capacities up to 1500kg, can service racking up to 4.0m high and is ideal for applications where floor space is limited, or to support a larger fleet of forklifts and reach trucks.

European ZAP AC drive technology and a full size traction battery ensure top performance and reliability too, and the price for purchase or rental will be a pleasant surprise.

Stackers have a straddle leg action to handle NZ pallets

Hangcha CBD Series pallet trucks

Model Code CBD Series
Capacity up to 2 tonnes lift
Reference  Powered pallet trucks
Mast height N/A
Motor Battery-electric

The Premium Powered Pallet truck range is just that – premium!

This is a high performance 2000kg capacity PPT designed and built to meet the demands of the European and US high density, high demand warehousing and manufacturing industries.

A big traction battery combined with AC drive and pump motors gives these trucks the ability to run hard all day.

Again, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the user-friendly prices for these top-quality units.

Strong machines with a very small turning radius

Hangcha CDD-ETM mini stacker

Model Code CDD-ETM
Capacity 1.0 tonnes lift
Reference  Mini stackers
Mast height N/A
Motor Battery-electric

These great little stackers are perfect for the small warehouse or factory that needs to get pallets off the floor and into racking on a low volume basis.

The investment needed to own a mini stacker is minimal but the performance is maximal – 1000kg to 1.6m with Curtis controllers and gel batteries for reliable service.

Plug them into the wall socket for a charge.

Save your back

Hangcha CBD15-EM pallet truck

Model Code CBD15-EM
Capacity 1.5 tonnes lift
Reference  Mini powered pallet trucks
Mast height N/A
Motor Battery-electric

The Hangcha Mini Powered Pallet truck is a compact, rugged and efficient pallet mover.

Specifically designed for lighter duties, it has a 1500kg capacity and features well proven Curtis controllers with zero-maintenance gel batteries and on board charger. It is ideal for small businesses that need to move big loads or for trucking companies who need a PPT that fits comfortably inside a trailer.

Takes little storage and is highly manouverable