Hangcha J Series new 3-wheel electrics

Model Code J Series
Capacity up to 2 tonnes lift
Reference  Electric 3-wheelers
Mast height 3 to 6m; 2 & 3 stage
Motor Battery-electric

Manouverable and excellent in confined spaces, these productive machines use clean battery technology and retain a steel body and reliable engineering. With multiple batteries, you can set them working round the clock.

The incorporation of ZF developed components, including finely-engineered helical gears, keeps drive-train noise down. All trucks have Curtis AC controllers and brushless motors.

Operators step aboard easily and pedals are well-placed in a roomy footwell. The instrument panel is simple and comprehensive. The standard seat, a Grammer GS12, helps prevent fatigue. (Hydraulic levers can be mounted on the scuttle or the battery, allowing access from either side.)

Inbuilt diagnostics register intermittent faults and service needs and reduce downtime.

Three-wheeled electric machines are available
from 1.0 to 2.0 tonne lift capacity