Hangcha R Series forklifts

Model Code R Series
Capacity 1.0 – 16.0 tonnes lift
Reference  IC forklifts
Mast height 3 to 7m; 2 & 3 stage
Motor Petrol /Diesel /Petrol-LPG

All machines up to 7-tonnes come with a 2- or 3-stage mast. Masts range from 2-stage three metres to 3-stage seven metres. ‘Wideview’ is an option.

The 16 tonner, with its 600 load centre, needs to be seen in action. It is a great machine and well priced. We can show you them at work in Auckland.

You have a big choice of motors. Options are GM, Isuzu, Japanese-made GTC and Cummins with matched transmissions from GTC, Okamura, Hangcha and ZF, depending on the forklift model.

Safety features include mast and hood lock. Service is assisted by gas hood supports, one-touch floorboard removal and easy fuse and instrument access.

Emissions and noise level control meet EU standards and models can be fitted with particulate filter exhausts (diesel ) or 3-way catalytic exhausts (petrol/LPG models).

From 1.0 tonne workhorses to 25.0 capacity
Hangcha has lots to offer any user