Sacre and Bleu — Merde

The trainers set up this operator for a dangerous pickup of a 45-foot box,
we think.

No one can turn corners backwards in real life with a 45-foot box. And that’s this what appears to try.

First mistake: the operator can’t see the box’s twist-locks. He cant’ see the spreader locking on

Second mistake: it’s the wrong approach. You’d pick up the box from the other side completely

Third mistake: bringing it out as the French are, the operator risks clipping stacked boxes and pulling them down onto the machine

Fourth mistake: the box is not immediately lowered

Fifth series of mistakes: the machine turns in reverse with a high box on uneven ground.

This accident had to happen but trainers didn’t seem to see it coming. The ‘trainer’ wanders in an exposed position. As the operator reverses, the box is in air and tilted which moves the centre of gravity back towards the oscillating axle. He begins to turn in reverse as he reaches a depression in the ground.

The operator could have backed straight out and dropped the box without a problem but this combination of errors makes a topple on the cards. We don’t encourage these shenanigans in NFL driver training.

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