Two new aisle-masters for 2013

Servicing new technology poses no difficulty for NFL forklift technicians.

Longterm customer Interchem, a leading New Zealand chemical distributor, recently took delivery of two 2013 electric Aisle-Masters built in Monaghan, Ireland.

These are specialty machines and the first to operate in New Zealand although the brand has worldwide acceptance. A few weeks back the coldstore version won the FLTA innovation award in the UK.

NFL service manager Benny Wentzel says the technology on these two-tonners “is right up there” with CAN-bus software.

“We employ technicians who work with machines of all sizes, ages and levels of sophistication. We know that they will do
the job.”

Interchem warehouse manager and team organiser Steve Harvey says the narrow-aisle work and the ability to shift loads to and from lorries is pretty good with the 20SEs and the operators appreciate the versatility of the articulated-body system which aids cornering—and 210° fork rotation.

To see this in action click for the Aisle-Master promotional video – fast forward to see the forks turn at the end. [Or see a more recent video on this site showing Aisle-Master perform—Ed, August 2013.]

Photo series showing Steve Harvey and NFL sales rep Phil Butler commissioning the Aisle-Master two-tonners in Northcote, demonstrating wheel articulation and 210° fork rotation

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