FinanceA big part of the decision process when buying a new or used forklift is how to fund the purchase. Big container handling forklifts can cost in excess of $500000.00 while small or used  machines can come in at less than $10000.00, but one way or another they all have a cost that has to be met.

Even if the cash is available it may be worth investigating other options and we can make that easy for you to do.

Northern Forklifts have had a long-time association with GVK Finance, an Auckland based finance company with wide experience in funding forklifts, trucks and construction equipment.

Principal Grieg van Koningsveld is our go-to man for help in funding our customer’s purchases, whether it’s a new 40 tonne Konecranes SMV or a used walkie-stacker. He has had lots of experience in arranging funding for forklifts and associated equipment and works with his clients to tailor the buy or lease package to suit each individual deal.

Catch up with Grieg on and talk to him about your next forklift and how he can work with you and the sales team at Northern Forklifts to make it all happen.