SMV Konecranes EC and G3/G4 container handler truck

Model Code  EC and G3/G4
Capacity 8-45 tonnes lift
Reference  Container handler trucks
Mast height 1.00m; 2 stage
Motor Diesel

SMV container handling trucks have heavy duty drive trains like the SMV counterbalance forklift models. [to be completed]

Elme spreaders are standard with sidepick for the EC range and toplift for the full container handler G3/G4 models.

The ECB range can handle up to 10000kg with 2 over 6 twin pick frames. They has a wide drive axle for maximum stability. Full container machines range from 28 to 45 tonne capacity with the G# stacking 3-high 9’6″ and the G4 4-high

The extremely stable chassis and torsion resistant frame make it possible to handle full empty containers quickly, efficiently, and with precision.

A complete range of empty and full container handling trucks