SMV Konecranes EC and G3/G4 Container Forklift Handler Truck

Model Code EC and G3/G4
Capacity 8-45 tonnes lift
Reference  Container handler trucks
Mast height 1.00m; 2 stage
Motor Diesel

SMV Container Forklift handling trucks have heavy duty drive trains like the SMV counterbalance forklift models.

Elme spreaders are standard with sidepick for the EC range and toplift for the full container forklift handler G3/G4 models.

The ECB range can handle up to 10000kg with 2 over 6 twin pick frames. They has a wide drive axle for maximum stability. Full container machines range from 28 to 45 tonne capacity with the G# stacking 3-high 9’6″ and the G4 4-high

The extremely stable chassis and torsion resistant frame make it possible to handle full empty containers quickly, efficiently, and with precision.

A complete range of empty and full container handling trucks